Banana Walnut Tea Smoothie Recipe

Taste will remain same, but weight will definitely loss!

Reducing weight doesn’t means that you have to compromise with your nourishment. If you want to lose the weight, then add this healthy smoothie in your regularly diet.

Banana Walnut Tea Smoothie

This is very delicious and yummy drink. Banana Walnut Tea Smoothie is full of nutrition and taste. This energy drink is very delicious that boost up your energy. It is very easy to be made in just 15 min:

Ingredients used:

  • One Sliced Apple 
  • One Ripe Banana (paka hua)
  • One tsp instant oats
  • 3 Walnuts
  • 1 cup Milk
  • 1 tsp Tea Masala
  • A pinch of Elachi Powder
  • Ice cubes (if you want)

Procedure: Get all the ingredients together, walnuts, Sliced apple, Ripe banana, instant oats, milk, chai masala. Blend all ingredients in a mixer and grind until it forms a smoothie. Then add Elachi powder and ice cubes to make it chilled. Grind once again and your tasty Banana Walnut Tea Smoothie is ready. Now Banana Walnut Tea Smoothie is ready.

Serve it in breakfast along with Bread Pizza Easy and Quick Recipes using Bread


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