Easy and Quick Recipes using Bread

When you don’t have anything to eat in your kitchen, you just go and open refrigerator then Bread become a rescue. Bread is a versatile ingredient in our kitchen. With the help of bread, you can prepare numbers of food items. Today, bread is most and regular consumed food in the world. It’s a part of human diet.

Here are some easiest recipes you made with bread and everyone loves it:

1. Bread Dhai Chaat 

It is very easy to be made and less time consuming even, with the help of small ingredients it can be made.

Ingredients used: Bread slices, a cup of milk, a cup of water, raw onion, green chutney, sweet date chutney, coriander leaves, curd, sev and some spices to make it tasty.

Procedure: Take some bread slices and soak them in milk until they turn soft. Then squeeze them on water and roll them into small balls. Granish with curd, raw onion, sweet date chutney, green chutney, some species, sev and last with coriander leaves. Then top it with chat masala.

2. Bread Pizza 

Everyone loves pizza, making bread pizza is the easiest to cook and even healthier.

Ingredients used: Bread slices, amul cream, suiji, tomato, onion, green capsicum, yellow capsicum, olives, salt, red chilli powder, and chesse.

Procedure: In a bowl make a mixture of amul cream, suiji, and milk, salt onion, green capsicum, yellow capsicum, tomato. Then place a pan on heat low flame. On the other hand, take a bread slice and apply mixture on it. Garnish the chesse on it. Put it on pan using ghee or butter and cover with bowl. After some minutes, chesse get melted and it is ready to eat.

3. Potato Sandwich   

It is very easy to be made at home, easy and delicious and almost everyone can eat at any time.

Ingredients used: Boiled and meshed Potatoes, salt, chilli powder, coriander leaves.

Procedure: Take boiled potatoes, peel it and then mesh it. Add salt, red chilli powder, onion, Capsicum, corns and chat masala. Then take 2 bread slices and apply mixture on it. Take a pan on a medium flame and apply ghee on the both sides and place it on pan. Wait for 2mins till it become slightly brown. Turn off the flame and cut it into two pieces. Eat sauce or green chutney.

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